Success Stories
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Success Stories


Jay Wester

Managing Director, Leap

Thank you very much for introducing your sales improvement program to our company.
We were very impressed with the quality, content and delivery of the program. Our salesforce has commented how much they have learnt from the system as well as thoroughly enjoying the few days they spent on the course. The strategies and tools you recommended were spot on as results were evident very quickly with customers signing up within weeks. By tailoring the program to suit our company’s business processes, needs, people and products, we are now confident that the successes of the past months will be multiplied many times over. As mentioned to you, we are now looking at how best to introduce your program to our sales team in Australia.
We have no doubt that the successes in New Zealand will be replicated in Australia.
We are certainly looking confidently to greater things with our business. We therefore have no hesitation in recommending your organization to other business owners.

Mukesh Patel

Quantum Computers

I wish to express my thoughts regarding the Simply Selling System.
I was very surprised as to how quickly I was able to learn the system, whilst I may not be as professional in its delivery as I would like to be (just started using the system) it has already provided excellent results. I have presented two proposals and have achieved two sales.
You made my training on Simply Selling easy. I was impressed in the manner the system was customised to our business. Conducting the training on my premises at times suitable to me ensured that work interruption was minimal.
The process you taught gave me structure in my selling which was previously lacking. The step-by-step process also gave me a system to follow making selling a lot easier. The ‘Story’ aspect of the system definitely helps in creating the credibility and trust factor required for a successful sale.
The questioning system is excellent as it keeps me on track, but more importantly helps me to find the buying motives of my prospect and establish the ‘Pain’ (problems) my prospect is experiencing (in the field of work), from which I can propose a solution. The rules on presenting a proposal to a client are spot on as it keeps me in control.
The rules, if followed correctly, naturally conclude with the easiest last step, which is closing the deal. I have no hesitation in recommending the Simply Selling process to any person who is looking to improve their sales success.

Levi Davey

Managing Director

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help with our business. When contracting your help to improve our sales performance with the Simply Selling System I did not expect to see such a positive impact on our business as quickly as we have.
Simply Selling is an excellent sales system, we have as yet to implement the entire system but what we have implemented has provided us with excellent results and I am looking forward to even better sales results as we implement the entire sales process.
We would also like to thank you for the extra assistance you provided us (without charge) in helping to draft our application to become part of the Government Insulation Funding Program. We were successful and have been appointed under the subsidy scheme. We can now offer Government Subsidies for home insulation to our clients and we are already seeing the benefits to our business by offering a Government Subsidy for home insulation.
We have implemented many of the low cost marketing ideas you recommended (once again additional assistance for which you did not charge) which has already produced good results. This has substantially reduced our marketing costs but more importantly has significantly lowered our cost per lead and cost per sale improving our profit per sale.
Your help has had a major impact on our business. We are now very busy and are looking to upsize our team to cater for the additional growth.
I have no hesitation in recommending your services to any business owner wishing to improve their sales performance or wanting to improve their business overall.

Megan and Wayne Toms

All about Kitchen + Bathrooms

We were rung by Simply Selling in May to see if we would be interested in increasing our sales. Having been in business for 10 years and knowing where we needed to make improvements and changes. We knew that yes we did want to increase our sales.
After meeting with Simply Selling and going through what we would need to do, we decided to go ahead with the Simply Selling System. We found this training to be excellent for our 3 office staff. The programme was easy to follow, gave us confidence and enabled us to set up more structure in the office.
Since completing the training Simply Selling has not only rung to see how we are getting on but has also called in several times.
We are looking forward to seeing the results come through and with the use of the KPI sheets we are now also able to track all our information to do with our sales including internet.
Thank you for all your support and guidance. We know that if we follow the process correctly we will reap the rewards.