Sales System
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Sales System

  • A Proven Sales System
  • The result of over 30 years sales experience
  • Developed from cold hard ‘hands on’ experience
  • Used around the world

Stop Struggling with Sales

If your sales numbers are at a standstill and your frustration at your lack of progress is becoming unbearable, then the Simply Selling System is the answer for you.

There are many sales professionals who were in the same boat as you. Day after day they became more and more disillusioned as their sales numbers stalled and nosedived. They left appointment after appointment feeling emotionally shattered over their failure to close deals. They enjoyed being in sales, but their lack of results was driving them crazy. They were at their wit’s end.

They just couldn’t break through the invisible barrier to sales success.

Luckily for these sales professionals, they were able to lift themselves out of the sales doldrums once they discovered and implemented the Simply Selling System.

You see, the Simply Selling System is a unique 7 step sales system that anyone, and we mean anyone can use to take themselves from being an ineffective salesperson to a sales star.

Use the Proven Simply
Selling System to finally
become a sales star

Simply Selling Works for Anyone

“by applying all of your methods and sticking to them it does start to work. It works well enough for me now that I enjoy doing difficult qualifiers…if you stick to the basic rules and practice them each time it gets to be second nature.”

Leo Love, Australia

“I went on to a qualifying meeting today and for the first time, felt that I did it really, really well. I followed the sales system…I really appreciate the support that you give to us sales people..Once again, thank you for shining the light”

Angela Lau, Australia

“I was taken through the material contained in the Simply Selling System…and my conversion rates increased from below 50% to in excess of 90%.Any person looking to improve sales should seriously consider the Simply Selling System.”

Grant Donnelly, New Zealand

In no time you will convert more prospects into sales

Why is Simply Selling Unique

You do not have to guess how to make the system work for you. Unlike traditional sales training programs where you’re taken through a whole lot of theory, psychology and academic research before you get to the actual sales strategies…Simply Selling has connected the dots for you, provided you with a system so you will know exactly what you are doing and why, which in no time will have you converting more prospects into sales.
The ‘how to sell’ is laid out for you in easy to follow steps. There’s no more guessing, wondering what to say or how to handle a prospect. Just follow the steps and you’ll be converting more prospects into sales.

It took Fred just 5 weeks to go from a sales conversion rate of 30% to 81% with Simply Selling, and it changed his life. Simply Selling could also be the vehicle which will change your life the better.

You get access to the exact same sales system that others are using right now for sales success.

Why is Simply Selling so accessible?

Simply Selling is available for anyone willing to make an affordable investment in their earning potential.

Some People pay upwards to $3000.00+for sales training and still they find they cannot connect the dots and as a consequence do not see a significant increase in their sales results.

Simply Selling is a system of ‘selling’, which means the system can more effectively be taught to others, a quicker transfer of skills.  Because of these reasons Simply Selling is more accessible, and way more cost effective, in fact it is not a cost but an investment which has the potential to provide you with a massive return year upon year, as so many can attest to.

Sales success is at your fingertips, it is upto you to make it happen.

Introducing the Simply Selling System

Simply Selling is divided into two sections:

Foundation to the 7 Steps of Simply Selling

The Foundation Series

The foundation steps will form the foundation to the 7 Steps of the Simply Selling System. It covers the psychology of selling, including:

How to Recognise the ‘Personality’ type of Your Prospect

Being able to quickly recognize your prospect’s dominant personality type enables you to engage them in the appropriate manner. You have probably lost sales in the past because you and your prospect didn’t quite ‘hit it off’. This can be attributed to not recognising their personality type and factoring that in to your sales process.

The Simply Selling System shows you how to identify the various personality types, including the two dominant personalities, that most people fall into.

By knowing how to handle both dominant personality types you will increase your sales ratios.

How to establish the trust factor

Trust is a huge factor in sales. After all ‘People buy from those they Know, Like and Trust’. Once again the vast majority of people in sales do not have a clue, on how to establish the ‘Trust Factor’.

The fact is most objections arise, not because you don’t have the solution that the prospective client is looking for, but because of a lack of trust.

Standard sales advice is to ‘develop a relationship with your prospective clients and then they will buy from you’.

The question is how long would it take to develop the relationship in order to build the trust factor?

One week, one month or maybe six months? And what’s happening in the meantime? Perhaps a competitor is also playing the same game, and they end up winning the business, because they’re better at developing the trust factor faster then you.

Have you ever considered how many sales you’ve lost following this advice?

With Simply Selling you will find out how to establish the ‘Trust Factor’ in your first meeting. The Simply Selling formula fosters the Know, Like and Trust factor.

By knowing how to establish the ‘Trust Factor’ in the first meeting with your prospect will increase your sales success ratios.

The 7 Steps Series

This is the proven 7 Step system that will lead you to sales success. You’re shown how to build rapport right through to closing the deal. The 7 steps include:

How to find out what your prospective clients are thinking

Many sales people use the ‘Show and Tell’ process to sell. Where they simply present their product, and hope the features of the product will win the business. (Sales Representatives are notorious for this type of selling).

If you or your sales staff fit into this category, you are losing sales! It is costing you dearly. Prospective customers aren’t interested in a long list of specs. They want to know how your product or service will help them.

The Simply Selling System helps you to quickly uncover your prospective clients ‘Buying Motives, Needs, Wants, Desires and Problems’. This is powerful information, as you’re able to immediately address their concerns and show them how your product or service will benefit them.

7 Step system from how to build rapport right through to closing the deal.

How to present a Proposal correctly

In the majority of cases, sales people will provide a written proposal (or quote) regarding the product or service they hope to sell.

By knowing how to ‘Close’ correctly increases your sales success ratios.
In the usual course of events, the sales person will either send (post or email) or present their proposal. The general norm of most sales people, when presenting a proposal, is to quickly run over the proposal, to only have the prospective client simply say “that’s great, thank you, just leave it with me and I will get back to you.”

When this occurs your chances for success dramatically reduces. Why?

This is due to many factors, but you have essentially lost control of the process (or you didn’t have any control in the first place). Leaving ‘it with the prospect’ allows them to lump your proposal with all the others. With Simply Selling you will learn a simple formula to follow when presenting your proposal, which will ensure you retain control and increase your chances to win the business.

By knowing how to present a proposal correctly will increase your sales success ratios.

Be confident that the ‘Close’ is the easiest part of the sale

For the majority of people in sales, the close is the hardest part. With Simply Selling the ‘Close’ is the easiest part of the sale, because the entire process is built towards it.

By knowing how to ‘Close’ correctly increases your sales success ratios.

By knowing how to ‘Close’ correctly increases your sales success ratios.

Applying the Simply Selling System will result in More Sales, Profits and Cash!

Imagine what closing even just one extra Sale would do for you! And, imagine the relief and elation you’ll feel once you break through your own sales ceiling. This is within your grasp, you can achieve sales success.

Simply Selling will unlock your earning potential.

All you have to do is take the first step, and get in touch to find out more.