Sales Mentoring
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Sales Mentoring

Simply Selling – Sales Mentoring

Mentoring challenges the established ‘Sales’ training paradigm

The Status Quo – If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got. In other words if nothing exists to challenge us then how can we expect to evolve, improve and reach the next plateau of sales and customer service delivery.

Mentoring is now considered ‘best practice’ for any employees who are involved in sales, business and personal or career development or account management. Sales’ mentoring is not meant to replace sales training and development but is there to support the practicable application of the sales training within the day-to-day role of the sales rep.

Mentoring is about Knowledge Transference – The sharing of Sales ‘war stories’ – Benefiting & Learning by example from someone else’s mistakes, history and experience….

So what is Sales Mentoring?

Sales Mentoring is all about being a sounding board and the transfer and sharing of sales knowledge! A Mentor is there to provide advice, guidance, build confidence, nurtures ideas, to challenge and yes sometimes provide constructive criticism

The Value of a Sales Mentoring Relationship –
Benefits to the Learner
(protégé or mentee)

  • Increases self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Promotes professional career growth and promotional opportunities.
  • Enhances sales skills and knowledge providing the ability to make more informed decisions.
  • Identifies areas of knowledge gaps for further training and skills development.
  • Creates a dynamic, open and challenging relationship with the mentor.
  • Enhances strategic thinking, problem solving and planning abilities.
  • Reduces the feeling of low self-worth, stress and frustration.
  • Enhances the outcomes and the investment of internal and external sales training programs.

Benefits to the Organisation

  • Higher employee retention and satisfaction.
  • Improved individual and sales team performance and team dynamics.
  • Enhanced skills and knowledge levels of sales staff.
  • Greater chances of attaining goals and meeting sales targets and deadlines.
  • Succession planning and the transfer & sharing of knowledge.
  • Better value and utilisation of staff training.
  • Enhancement of collaboration and communication across the business.
  • Strengthening of company culture, ethics, AND values.


A Mentor is there to provide a friendly prod, to move things along, to challenge, to listen and provide an understanding ear.

Your Simply Selling Mentor Will

A Simply Selling Mentor provides you, the protégé, with the opportunity to learn from the mistakes we have made in our career and how we overcame obstacles and problems and the solutions we employed!

  • Instil trust. Be a calming influence providing confidence that they can assist you in your career objectives and skills development.
  • Someone that is neutral observer, with no axe to grind.
  • Someone with your best interests, goals and objectives in mind.
  • Someone with a vast bank of Sales knowledge willing to share and guide.
  • Someone you check in with now and again to bounce your latest ideas off.
  • Someone prepared to ask the difficult and probing questions.
  • Someone with of employing a variety of different approaches and move seamlessly between them – challenging, advising, training, guiding, whatever is required.


Having a mentor isn’t a sign of weakness. On the contrary it’s a sign of strength. A sign that you are willing to employee and explore all the resources you can in your pursuit of your sales goals. It’s not about copying the mentor; it’s about using their experience and advice and developing it in a way that works for you, your challenges and your situation!

How does Simply Selling Mentoring work?

After the initial approach we suggest a meeting and or conversation where we discuss your mentoring goals. This opportunity is also your chance to review the Mentor’s background, skill set and experience etc….. Finding the right fit with your Mentor is important. You need to have confidence that you have found someone that is a good communicator and will listen to your story, problems and challenges.


Once you are happy to proceed, Simply Selling can tailor a mentoring schedule meeting your specific needs and budget. We provide a flexible approach including regular scheduled sessions or one off meetings as and when you require!


Face-to-face meeting or webinar mentoring meetings should be conducted away from your work environment in a comfortable location that is conducive to a private and relaxing conversation that will not be interrupted or have distractions. Typically meetings are schedule for an hour but can be longer if desired.


Once our relationship has been established, our first mentoring session will be to establish your goals and objectives. We will discuss, identify and document problems and challenges as well as conduct a gap analysis of your required skill sets.


As your mentor is I am responsible for keeping the relationship on track. To measure, monitor, challenge and support you in your mentoring journey. Mentoring goals established at the outset of the relationship set the boundaries. I will also ensure that your progress is constant and steadily moving forward to achieving the mentoring goals and objectives.

Our mentoring relationship conclusion is important and planned from the outset. As part of this process we take this time to reflect on your progress and achievements as well as to celebrate your success.

Mentoring Investment

I am Fred Steensma, Managing Director of Simply Selling International. I have accumulated a wealth of experience in the area of sales and customer service development. I am very passionate about helping you the sales professional achieve your sales targets, career ambitions and sales skills development. I believe my role as your ‘Sales Mentor’ is all about the transfer and sharing of my sales and customer service knowledge!

If Simply Selling International can be of any assistance with your Sales Mentoring needs then please feel free to contact me and start the conversation.

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