Sales Management
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Sales Management

Simply Selling offers a Sales Management Service, helping you to achieve more sales in your business, by making your salespeople more effective and help to ensure better recruitment decisions are made when hiring a salesperson.


Small to medium sized business owners often struggle in increasing sales results in their business.


Business owners are good at their profession but most know little about being a Sales Manager.  Corporates and large organisations can afford the luxury of playing a six figure salary to recruit a Sales Manager, a hard ask for an owners of a small to medium sized business.


Hiring a salesperson who turns out to be anything but a good salesperson comes at a considerable cost to the business.  I recently came across a company who hired a ‘professional’ salesperson, the cost was a salary of $120,000, plus vehicle and phone, 12 months later the salesperson did not achieve even one sale – hard to believe, but it is a true story.  The cost to the company?  It failed, owing a huge debt.


By utilising our Sales Management Service we can provide low cost solution which will enhance the business and provide a valuable service until the business has grown to the extent it can afford a full-time Sales Manager.


Below are the benefits of the Simply Selling Sales Management Service.

  • Help in hiring a salesperson. This alone reduces the risk of wasting 10’s of thousand on a mistake.
  • Train the salesperson. Train the salesperson to sales success.
  • Monitor the salesperson. Sales people need to be monitored. Simply Selling measures sales activity in real time.
  • Conduct regular sales meetings. This helps to maintain a good structure from which the salesperson will grow and succeed.
  • Coach the salesperson. Salespeople need some-one who they can discuss sales related issues and obtain positive support.


We provide packages Taylor made for your business depending on your needs.  As an example, you may wish help in recruiting a salesperson, vetting CV’s, conducting interviews, training the salesperson and then provide a weekly 1 hour meeting over the following three months to help establish the new company employee.


Whatever your needs we can help you to achieve greater sales success.

  • Learn how to manage your sales team for improved performance
  • Monitoring and measuring processes
  • Standardize procedures to ensure compliance
  • Communicate effectively with your sales people
  • Accurately measure your team’s performance

Sales Management Program

Sales Management is a specialized function, which all organisations must have to ensure their sales people achieve results and hit targets. The Sales Management Program shows Sales Managers, Team Leaders, Business Owners and Sales Professionals how to manage themselves and their sales people with a simple monitoring and measuring process.

If you are a corporate or large organisation, the Sales Management Program will force all of your Sales Managers and Team Leaders to follow a standard management process. This will standardize your sale management processes, and enable you to monitor your entire sales forces’ activities and successes. It will also provide structure and uniform expectations across all sales personnel.

If you are a Business Owner or Sales Professional, you also benefit from the Sales Management Program, as you will have the much needed management skills to build a strong and successful sales team. When you become an expert in the Simply Selling System and know how to monitor and improve the sales skills of others, you put yourself in a excellent position to expand and grow an effective and successful sales teams.

The Sales Management Program has three core elements, which are easily customised to your organisation’s size.

This will standardize your sale management processes, and enable you to monitor your entire sales forces’ activities and successes.

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