Objection Management
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Objection Management


This is a 31-page downloadable program presented in a pdf format.


To Buy Or Not To Buy

On many occasions, your well prepared and scripted presentation to a perfectly qualified prospect will bring your prospect to a clear Decision Point: To buy or not to buy your product from you, right now!

Your presentation – and your prospect’s understanding of it – is so clear and comprehensive
that all of the facts needed to decide in your favour, have been presented and appreciated and
will have resulted in your prospect giving you an indication of their preparedness to proceed to a close.

If, during or at the conclusion of your presentation, your prospect has not asked to buy your
product, you will proceed to “ask them to buy”. Asking them to buy can only have one of two outcomes:

1. They will agree and you will proceed to close the selling process.
2. They will raise an objection.

There will be occasions when your prospect will be wanting to decide – wanting their wants
satisfied – but may need further information before feeling comfortable in accepting your
product as their solution.

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