In-house Sales Training
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In-house Sales Training

Whether you are a small business or a large corporate organisation. You have to keep the sales coming in to survive.


So many small to medium sized business owners do not pay enough attention the ‘selling’ aspect of their business, or until a problem arises, and hopefully at this stage, it isn’t too late to resolve the issue.


Larger companies hire Sales Manager to run a their sales teams, and often they are not proficient in ‘selling’ themselves, resulting in lower conversion ratios, in other words losing sales that should have been won.


Small or large business, a low success rate on converting prospects to sales will result in a high cost of sale, and combined with not meeting sales targets would place a huge strain on business.


To resolve the problem businesses will spend more dollars on marketing to obtain more leads, and may also send their salespeople to a sales training course.


Additional marketing is an additional cost on a business that may already be struggling, often made worse due to not having the time to follow-up on leads or submit quotes.


Sending sales staff on a sales training program is a reasonable course of action, but that too has its limitations.  From experience, a person is given a lot of great information, they have a great time and when they return to work they are full of enthusiasm.  The problem is, additional sales are made on enthusiasm rather than skill, after a few weeks when the enthusiasm drops off, so do the sales.


The problem is sending staff, and the business owner for that matter, to a sales training program is, they are taught a lot of theory, the problem is the attendees later find it difficult to turn the theory into a workable selling process.  In other words, connecting the dots.

The Solution

Simply Selling is a system of selling, this alone will increase sales conversion rate, add skill to the system, sales will grow exponentially.  We have had clients increase conversion ratios in excess of 80%.  What would that do for your Business?


The system is easily taught, we can customise it to your business, or you can do that yourself, the basics of the ‘system’ do not change.

The great news is the system connects the dots and the business has far greater control of the selling process used to achieve its sales goals.

By using our In-house Sales Training Program we come to you, and conduct the process of ‘training’ to suit your needs and work with your time restraints making sure there is minimal interruption to your business.


By using the Simply Selling In-house Training Program your team can interact with the presenter, they will learn faster and by the end of the course, they will have the confidence to use the system from day one.


Simply Selling gives you a complete selling System:


  • A proven sales process to follow
  • Sales process you can monitor
  • Sales training system for your staff.


The Simply Selling In-house Training Program will continue to provide you an excellent return on investment for many years into the future.

If you prefer to learn new skills and develop a selling system from the comfort of your home, then the Online Sales Training Progam is for you.

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Implementing the Simply Selling System into your business will be life-changing.  Don’t wait, contact us now. Contact Us