Assessment To Increase Sales Potential
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Assessment To Increase Sales Potential

Selling is an important function in business (an understatement), in business, ‘Nothing happens without a sale’


Why is it that so many businesses accept what they consider as “Their fair share”?

When I ask a Business Owner or Sales Manager what they believe is their fair share when it comes to winning submitted quotes, the answer invariably is – 1 from 3 or 33%. It does not sound too bad on the face of it.  But here are a couple of questions to consider….

  • Why would you be want to give the majority of your sales opportunities to your competitors?
  • What would just 1 extra sale from 10 quotes do for your business?


We have had clients who have increase sales by over 100% from quotes submitted.


If you are looking to increase your sales success then the first step is to assess your Sales Potential.

Assessment To Increase Sales Potential


The process to assess your sales potential is relatively easy, we will take you through a Sales Questionnaire which will highlight the sales potential for your business.


Once we have identified the potential of increasing your conversion rates, we can then identify the value of the extra sales and the impact on the business.  Therefore, if you are interested in achieving More Sales, Profits, and Cash for your business, then the place to start is an Assessment To Increase Sales Potential.

Recruiting a salesperson for your business can be a daunting task.  There are a lot of people who claim to be a salesperson when in fact they are anything but.


Unlike recruiting office staff, tradespeople, or any employee who is not a salesperson, I believe the risk of a bad hire is somewhat lower.  Hiring a salesperson is not an exact science, salespeople may show some experience, or for that matter, may even be able to refer to a sales training course they attended, but unfortunately, that does not mean they can sell.


Over the years we have had many business owners tell us they had advertised for a salesperson, they received many applicants, and after interviews picked a person they believed was the best for the job.   After a few months, they realised they made a terrible mistake.  And as we all know, the cost of making a recruitment mistake can cost the company a huge sum of money.  The mistake can even place the business at risk of failure.


The recruitment of a salesperson for your business is the most important recruitment decision you can

make.  Why?  Because your business depends on making sales, without sales you do not have a business, a poorly performing salesperson means lost opportunity, income, and profit to your business.


As I said earlier, just because a person claims to be a salesperson does not mean they are.

While no one can guarantee to get it right every time all the time, you can significantly reduce the risk of getting it wrong.


We provide a service which helps you to recruit a salesperson.

  • We can help write an advertisement
  • We can go over CV’s to select candidates for an interview.
  • We cab help to interview the potential candidates, using a process that helps to identify those who can sell or the best person for the job who can be trained to become a star performer.
  • We look to disqualify candidates who are likely to have a closed mind, who can’t be taught new skills and who are likely to create conflict within the business.
  • We also help to identify candidates who are hungry for success.


Apart from the recruitment service…..


We can also provide Sales Training Service to improve their selling skills.


We can provide a Sales Management Service to help embed good selling skills, monitor performance and coach the salesperson to success.

Using our services to either recruit, train and manage a salesperson will be very cost-effective for your business, and more importantly, will provide a great return on investment.